From assessment
to delivery

The entire production process is managed at our factory situated in Fossalta di Portogruaro, in the metropolitan city of Venice. From the assessment phase to the design phase, researching materials, prototype production and mass production. We can meet all our customers’ requests, providing customized solutions and ensuring high standards of quality and prompt delivery.

1/Project assessment

After receiving a request, our managers assess the technical and functional aspects of the project, evaluating its feasibility and any possible improvements that can be made in collaboration with the customer.

2/Project development and engineering

We develop the customer’s project starting with making a pre-production sample, which allows us to check the required characteristics of quality and mechanical resistance.
We make the prototype and then we continue with product engineering.

3/Planning the job order

This phase includes defining all the steps required to make the product, including selecting and checking raw materials, production and delivery. For each phase, the work programme is defined, which includes priority, critical issues of the project, assessment and quality control.


The project is engineered throughout all the production phases: cutting, drilling, notching, bending, calendering, assembly and pre-assembly, welding and finishes.
We can also carry out special surface treatments, from anodizing to laser marking.

5/Job order conclusion and delivery

The entire production process is managed in an integrated way; therefore products are delivered as turnkey solutions. Even when external processes are required for special processing, we take care of coordinating suppliers and even transport.

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