Reliable in all respects

Somis can meet the broadest range of requests, providing a high-quality service thanks to our well-established and reliable production system, which combines meticulous fine craftsmanship with cutting-edge industrial production processes.

We are specialised in producing light metal structural work, including mass production, assembling fire doors for cruise ships, sheet metal working and the production of a wide range of custom-made metal structures.

An all-round service, at each stage of the project: from assessment to development and turnkey delivery.
Also when outsourced stages are required.

We take care of all the production phases: cutting, drilling, notching, bending, calendering, assembly and pre-assembly, welding and finishes.

We can also carry out special surface treatments, from anodizing to laser marking, with the collaboration of experts in the industry.


Constant technological updates, a high level of expertise in design and production, a strong focus on results and customer satisfaction are the strategic aspects that enable Somis to meet the requests of the most demanding customers in total safety while guaranteeing high standards of quality.
Somis is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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We are a highly skilled, professional but above all close-knit team.

Over the years, we have grown, since we have decided to make important investment in specialised skills: all the technologies we have support the work of people, which, for us, is the cornerstone to the success of each project.

Being a reliable partner does not only mean providing products of impeccable quality. Our managers are willing to support customers throughout all phases of the job order, from the design phase to delivery in order to propose solutions and assist you with all requirements.